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For more than 40 years, Plastic Constructions R. Teblick has played a leading role in cutting-edge plastic constructions technology. Today, our high-quality plastic constructions and installations support key processes in leading companies throughout Europe.


We believe in creating and maintaining relationships based on adding value and ultimately delivering on the high levels of trust for which we are responsible. That's why we have an enviable reputation for quality and a strong philosophy of individually tailored services meeting customer needs, anticipating change and proactively seeking and advising the best solutions.


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Recent projects

21 | 08 | 17
This very precise CMDU is designed to mix and dilute two high-purity chemicals with DI water. The mixtures can be made at any mixing ratios, thanks to the load cells under the mixing tank which...
Tank in PP polypropylene conical top
21 | 08 | 17
This polypropylene (PP) tank is approximately 9 meters tall and has a diameter of 3 meters, adding up to a volume of 55 m3. The conical top prevents water accumulation on top. 
21 | 12 | 16
Eccentric butterfly valve DN700


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